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CEOs are most likely to seek outside help optimizing financial returns across a portfolio of subsidiaries or business units. Robust analytical techniques are readily available if certain assumptions are acceptable, e.g. normally distributed random variables and a presumption that the entity's behavior is insignificant with respect to the market at large. Market makers must also model the surrounding economics.

COOs, operations and logistics managers are more likely to need help implementing online analytics (OLAP), decision support systems, and real-time quality assurance.

CMOs and other marketing executives often consider large data sets to refine the customer taxonomy, develop competitive intelligence, and identify strategies that maximize revenue.

CIOs and CTOs tend to be interested in anomaly detection for information security.

CFOs tend toward an interest in quantifying and managing financial risk. Credit card companies are particularly interested in real-time fraud detection. Loan underwriters want to characterize the likelihood that a given customer will default on a loan. Insurance executives want the likelihood weighted cost of a customer claim on their policy.

Economists sometimes have occasion to model agents and processes to simulate the behavior of a population where individuals may act based on a set of preferences, relative utility, and other local conditions.

Product managers and release planners are usually interested in quantifying the financial value of sets of product features constrained by the costs of production and availability of resources.

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