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Annenberg Learner Interactives

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach at UC Berkeley

Ars Regendi a multi-player game simulating geopolitics and international economics (free basic version).

arXiv physics, math, computer science, computational biology, computational finance, and statistics preprints.

BOINC, U.C. Berkeley''s open-source software for volunteer and grid computing.

Brookings Institution Economics Studies

Calresco''s Huge Link Index (Agent-Based Simulation, Artificial-Life, Complex Systems, Chaos, Evolutionary Computation, Nonlinear Systems, ...)


Complex Systems Society

Ecological Engineering and Applied Informatics

Ecosim Group


Encyclopedia of Dynamical Systems

SpringerLink Encyclopaedia of Mathematics

ESRC Research Center on Microsocial Change

Eureqa, evolutionary approach to modeling dynamical systems

JASSS: Surrey Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation

NetLogo multi-agent modeling and simulation

Memo’s General Equilibrium Modeling System


Princeton Center for Economic Policy Studies

Risk World''s index of risk related software

Andrea Rizzoli''s index of Simulation Tools

Rolesia - a macroeconomic simulation game (free for 30 days)

CERN Root data analysis framework

Santa Fe Institute Bulletin (Complex Systems)

The Society for Modeling & Simulation International

Swarm''s Agent-Based Modeling Resources (Repast, MASON, Swarm, ...)

TAXSIM project at the National Bureau of Economic Research

Tesfatsion’s Agent-Based Computational Economics (ACE)

Tesfatsion''s Adaptive Computation for Nonlinear Systems

Tesfatsion’s (ACE) for Political Economy

Urban Institute and Brookings Institution Tax Facts Repository

Wolfram''s MathWorld

Annenberg Learner Interactives

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